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Henna Deluxe Kit

Henna Deluxe Kit

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Contour Paste


  • 3 X HENNA SHADES (Soft Brown, Dark Brown & Ebony)
  • BROW CONTOUR PASTE (White, Yellow)

Our Eyebrow Tinting Henna is perfect for tinting eyebrows to perfection.

HOW LONG DOES HENNA LAST? Henna generally lasts for 5-12 days on the skin with good maintenance and up to 3 weeks on the eyebrow hairs. If you have sparse eyebrows we recommend mixing two of our shades together to achieve a richer pigment e.g. Soft Brown and Dark Brown - Dark Brown and Ebony


• Wash around the brows as much as possible. Using face washes and scrubs directly on the brows will cause it to disappear faster. 
• Moisturise around the brows. Avoid use of creams and oils directly on the brows to help them last longer. 
• Avoid use of saunas, swimming pools for the first 48 hours. 

Each Henna bottle includes 5g of Eyebrow Tinting Henna Powder. Choose from Soft Brown, Dark Brown and Ebony. Each bottle will provide you with at least 25-30 applications.

WARNING: Please ensure that you complete a patch test at least 24-48 hours before using this product in case of an allergic reaction. This kit will include instructions on how to carry out a patch test.

HOW TO USE: Add 13-14 drops of Henna activator to every scoop of Henna. Every purchase of our Henna comes with a measuring spoon. Mix well for 30 seconds and apply a generous layer all over the brow area. The skin and hairs should not be visible underneath once applied. Leave on for up to 15 minutes for best results. 

DEVELOPING TIME: For a natural tint, allow to develop on the eyebrows for 12 minutes. For a very defined tint, leave on for 15+ minutes.

REMOVAL: Remove with a wet cotton pad and conceal with a highlighter if desired. For best results, avoid washing directly over the eyebrow area and applying oily products.

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